AQQA®-bag  photo: Hannes Schwessinger


photo: Hannes Schwessinger

Two thirds of the world population live in areas, that are affected of water shortage at least one month per year. 750 Millionen up to 2 billion people have no acces to clean drinking water. 

The AQQA®-bag can supply clean and safe water for one person for half a year by filtering water from a river or a lake with a membrane, that acts as a barrier for bacteria and waterborn parasites.

The outstanding feature of the AQQA®-bag is the water quality of the filtrate, the low cost and the ease of use.


The retention rate for bacteria is >99,9999%, tested by BCS (Biological Consulting Services, Florida, USA with General Test Water according to NSFP231 using E-Coli). 

The AQQA®-bag does not plug up and needs no maintenance. It is light weight, handy and can be stored for years.

The AQQA®-bag is the ideal product to provide drinking water to people temporarily, in a disaster situation or for those people, that do not yet have a permanent drinking water supply.

For more information, please read the AQQA®-bag brochure.