AQQA® is used in domestic wastewater treatment to:

  • act as barrier for bacteria and virus in membrane bio reactors (directly inserted into the mixed liquor)

  • constitute the final filtration of the effluent of standard sewage treatment plants (tertiary treatment)

  • supply hygienically safe water for reuse, e.g. irrigation of public places and crops. The treated water complies with the German Norm DIN 19650, EK2, reused water for the irrigation of crops for raw consumption. It also exceeds the standards according to the EU guidelines for bathing water according to EU guideline 2006/7/EG

  • eliminate micropollutants from wastewater, typically in combination with activated carbon


AQQA® is Typically used in these Systems:

  • containerized plants for the sewage treatment of work camps

  • decentralized municipal sewage treatment plants

  • greywater treatment and reuse

  • effluent treatment of hospitals

  • enlarge the capacity of municipal sewage treatment systems

  • improve the effluent quality of municipal sewage treatment systems


How can you benefit from using AQQA® in domestic sewage treatment?

  • The unique innovation for trouble free operation: Cleaning in the Air makes it possible to empty the membrane tank and backflush by adding cleaning agents

  • The AQQA® system is perfect for the use in confined spaces as in containerized systems

  • It can easily be installed into the tank by simply hanging it with the central bar on two attachment points

  • An operating mode with a high air flow for cleaning and the big gap between the plates ensures effective control of the dirt layer and less vulnerability for clogging with fibres