- the reinvented plate

AQQA®-plate is a submerged ultrafiltration system, that combines the advantages of a plate and frame system with those of a hollow fibre system and thus guarantees highest output and low maintenance operation.

The new standard:

A robust plate that is not prone to clogging with full backflush capability like a hollow fibre.

  • new sandwich plate design

  • highest output of all submerged ultrafiltration systems:

    many holes with defined size instead of few holes distributed on many square meters of membrane surface area

  • typical flux in MBR applications: 30 l/m2.h

  • possibility to "overflux" the plates with up to 50 l/m2.h

  • full backflush with 350 mbar and the membrane stays in place, no tearing at the welding edge

  • straight plates with a defined gap of 6 mm (option: 8 mm for extreme MLSS concentrations) can not plug

  • plates can not touch each other and stick together

AQQA®-plate is available in three sizes:

  • 565 x 418 mm

  • 490 x 418 mm

  • 270 x 220 mm

 AQQA®-plate can be connected to stacks of 2, 3, 4, .... up to 100 filterplates. The plate distance is 6 mm for high solids loading and less requirements for prefiltration. A gap of 8 mm is available for extreme MLSS concentrations up to 30 g/l.


Membrane Material

  • Polymer: Polyethersulfone

  • Membrane Type: Ultrafiltration

  • Pore Size (nominal): 0,04 µm

  • Chlorine Resistance as Cl2: 500.000 ppmh

  • surface: non-ionic and highly hydrophilic

  • no wetting agents - drying resistant