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European Regional

Development Fund

This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The funds are granted for the establishment and furnishing of a business in the federal state Brandenburg. Our business is located in Hennigsdorf, 1 km from the border of Berlin and 16 km from Berlin-Tegel Airport.

"I first thought of my idea of a device for the elimination of particles, bacteria and virus from water more than 20 years ago. The result looks simple at a first glance: A plate with two membranes on each side. A net with a photocatalytic Nano Powder Coating. But as it is the case for many things: The longer you think of it, the more invisible knowledge is built into it and the more simple the solution...."

The founder

Ulrich Weise is the CEO and founder of Weise Water GmbH. After working in the water treatment industry for many years, he started an engineering consultancy in 1997 with customers in the building and automotive industry. Patented Ultrafiltration systems for the water recycling at Bosch and Siemens and innovative concepts for municipal sewage treatment plants were the focus, before he decided in 2001 to start-up a new company named Weise Water Systems GmbH, later renamed to Newterra GmbH. Ulrich developed a complete line of ultrafiltration systems used in membrane bio reactors and he is the inventor of numerous patents. He worked for Newterra GmbH as CEO until 2014. After two years of working on new products, he started Weise Water GmbH in 2016.

" It makes me proud, that every day more than 50.000 cubic meters of water are cleaned with filters that Are designed by me. "