AQQA® is the ideal system to act as a prefiltration for Reverse Osmosis desalination systems. It is installed directly after the intake from the ocean. By taking out particles > 0,1 µm, the sensitive R.O. membranes can be protected and work much more reliable with a higher output. 


The AQQA® technology is used in Prefiltration of R.O. systems to:

  • remove all particles
  • remove bacteria
  • remove algea


AQQA® will work in these waters:

  • any salt water
  • brackish water
  • surface water


How do you benefit from using AQQA® as a pretreatment for R.o. systems?

  • AQQA ® can guarantee a clean water supply to the R.O. membranes with no particles
  • the output of the R.O. system is increased
  • the lifetime of the R.O. membranes is increased
  • low maintenance requirements