The AQQA® Technology is used onboard ships to:

  • treat the wastewater in membrane bio reactors so that it complies with the regulations of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) for discharge into the sea in special areas
  • ensure clear wastewater effluent with bathing water quality

AQQA® is typically used on these ships:

  • maritime cruise ships
  • river cruise ships
  • merchant vessels
  • private yachts

How can you benefit from using AQQA® onboard ships?

  • The rugged AQQA® system can withstand the forces imposed by the swell
  • The AQQA® box design is ideal for the confined installation and transport spaces onboard ships. Often, the system has to be installed through a side opening into the membrane tank. WIth the compact AQQA® boxes, this can be done easily
  • The unique backflush capability of AQQA® makes it easy for the operators to keep the system operating, even under harsh conditions
  • due to the well defined cut-off of the membrane, the effluent quality can be guaranteed