The AQQA ® -bag is a personal device to make clean and safe water from water, that is contaminated with bacteria and waterborn parasites, as for e.g. river or lake water. It covers the demand of one person for 6 months.

photo: Hannes Schwessinger

photo: Hannes Schwessinger

The AQQA®-bag is used in drinking water treatment to:

  • remove all non-dissolved substances from the water, like sediment, algea, particles, suspended solids, organic matter

  • disinfection of the water by acting as a barrier for bacteria and waterborn parasites

  • remove particles from precipitation (removal of manganese, iron)


AQQA®-bag will work in these waters:

  • water from a river or lake

  • groundwater and bank filtrate

  • rain water


How do you benefit from using AQQA®-bag in Drinking water applications?

  • AQQA®-bag prevents deseases through bacteria and waterborne parasites

  • a membrane acts as a barrier for bacteria and guarantees hygienical safety

  • it does not plug and can be used for 6 months