Die AQQA® filtration technology is used in wastewater treatment to:

  • seperate the mixed liqour from the clear water phase in Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)

  • remove bacteria and virus from wastewater

  • remove particles (and attached organic and inorganic material) from any wastewater, thus reducing the freight of chemicals and the charges for the COD load (e.g. in Germany)

AQQA® will work in these waters:

  • mixed liquor of Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) with a MLSS of 1 to 20 g/l (typically 12 g/l) in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants

  • mixed liquor of MBR´s for the treatment of digestate from bio-methane production and treatment of cow and pig manure with high solids concentration up to 30 g/l. Special design with 8 mm plate distance.

  • Run-Off from conventional sewage treatment plants - tertiary filtration

  • Recycling of industrial wastewater that contains particles, which have to be removed for downstream processes

  • Run-Off from Anaerobic treatment processes with a downstream MBR for the reduction of e.g. COD, NH4, nitrate

How do you benefit from using AQQA® in wastewater applications?

  • new sandwich plate design with unique features (patent pending)

  • highest output of all submerged ultrafiltration systems: many holes with defined size instead of few holes distributed on many square meters of membrane surface area

  • possibility to "overflux" the plates with up to 50 l/m2.h

  • full backflush with 350 mbar and the membrane does not lift from the plate, no tearing at the welding edge, longer lifetime

  • straight plates with a defined gap of 6 mm or 8 mm (for extremely high MLSS concentrations) can not plug

  • plates can not touch each other and stick together