While the AQQA® -bag provides drinking water in emergency situations, the AQQA®-cube and AQQA®-systems are made for sustainable solutions, that are installed permanently and provide drinking water for a community for many years.


One AQQA®-cube can supply water for up to 400 people. The water is simply poured into the funnel on the top and then the clean water can be collected at the side tap.

One AQQA®80 filter can supply enough water for a small village of up to 1600 persons. It is simply submerged into a tank, that is build locally. The raw water runs through the filter just by gravity.


The AQQA® technology is used to:

  • remove all non-dissolved substances from the water, like sediment, algea, particles, suspended solids, organic matter

  • disinfection of the water by acting as a barrier for bacteria and waterborne parasites


AQQA® will work in these waters:

  • water from a river or lake

  • groundwater and bank filtrate

  • rain water


How do you benefit from using AQQA® as a Water source for small villages?

  • AQQA ® provides safe drinking water

  • works without electrical energy

  • lifetime at least 10 years

  • low maintenance requirements. Cleaning every 6 months, which can be done locally.